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Young-dancers.org is committed to protecting the privacy and security of its online visitors and has created this privacy policy in order to demonstrate this.

Young-dancers.org is owned and copyrighted by the ISTD Dance Examinations Board.

Personal Information
All of the features on the site are available for free and the site does not require you to give any personal information in order to access it. When it is requested, it is a condition of use of this site that no personally identifiable information will be collected, used or distributed from children under 13 years of age without the written consent of their parent or guardian. We only collect this information from the parent or guardian when it is voluntarily submitted and providing it to www.young-dancers.org is optional.

We collect the first and last names, ages, town/city and country of residence of the children solely for the purpose of accompanying pictures that are submitted to our site. Information is used only to give credit to work submitted. Parents and guardians should be aware that once a picture has been put up on the www.young-dancers.org site it is possible to email pictures from the Galleries and the e-card feature.

In the case of competitions run on this site, notification of winners and prizes will be sent to the child's parent or guardian if under the age of 13. For this purpose, it is necessary to obtain personally identifiable information of the parent or guardian, including first and last names, postal/email address and telephone number. The data collected will not be used to contact you for any other reason than for notification of your child as a competition winner and will not be sold, rented or disclosed to any third parties. Of course it is still possible to visit our site without telling us who you are or revealing any personally identifiable information about yourself.

The e-card feature on young-dancers.org requires the user to enter an email address of the postcard recipient. You do not have to enter in an actual name or email address to use this feature, although it will not be delivered if you do not enter in a real email address of a recipient. We do not track or use any of that information after the greeting has been sent. This information is used only to send the requested email and is deleted from our system once the e-card has been sent.

Cookies and IPs
The use of cookies is common in the Internet industry; you'll find them used on young-dancers.org, as you will at other major sites. A cookie is a small piece of data containing a unique identification number that is sent to your browser from a web server and stored on your computer's hard drive. The non-personally identifiable information we track with cookies is anonymous and is not used to identify, or lead us back to, any particular visitor. Cookies cannot damage user files, nor can they read information from a user's hard drive. Young-dancers.org uses cookies for the Poll as a way of identifying the user, ensuring that only one vote is placed, or when more than one is given, only the first is counted. You can, of course, disable cookies on your computer by indicating this in the preferences or options menus in your browser. An Internet Protocol or IP is the Internet address of your computer. We do log your IP to give us an idea of which parts of our site you visit and how long you spend there, but as with cookies your IP address does not provide us with any other personal information.

Wherever your personal information may be held within young-dancers.org we intend to take reasonable and appropriate steps to protect the personal information that you share with us from unauthorised access or disclosure. To implement this, our servers are stored in a locked room and all records on paper are stored within a locked filing cabinet.

Complaints and Questions
If you have a complaint or have any questions regarding our privacy policy or the practises of this site please email marketing@istd.org. Young-dancers.org will try to resolve any problems that arise in a fair and prompt manner.