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Want to take your dancing one step further? Exams might be the place to start, where you can find lots more about dance examinations.

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Here are just some of the reasons why you might want to start dancing today!

It helps your co-ordination

It helps your strength

It helps your stamina

It helps your flexibility and gives you healthier joints

It helps your balance

You burn calories

You'll get plenty of cardiovascular exercise

Dance, if done regularly, improves your health in many ways e.g. helps prevent heart disease and high blood pressure

You can learn more about your body and how it works

You get to meet lots of different people from lots of different walks of life, finding out more about cultures other than your own

By working with other people, it's a great way of improving your communication skills

It's a way to develop your leadership and teamwork skills

It's a different way to exercise your brain!

Dance allows you to find out more about other art forms, such as drama and music

And last but not least - because it's fun and enjoyable!

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Now you've found out there are loads of benefits to dancing, what style do you fancy? Not sure? Go to What Dance>>