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Want to take your dancing one step further? Exams might be the place to start, where you can find lots more about dance examinations.

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Modern Theatre
Modern Dance has style and a strong musical quality. In the case of the ISTD, the syllabi is carefully structured to strengthen the muscles, loosen the joints and stretch the body.

You will gain poise and confidence when you attend classes as well as learning a secure dance technique with a good sense of performance. The rhythmic content of the work ensures excellent musicality and the examinations are great fun.

Jazz Dance has strong dynamic and rhythmic action. The combinations are not difficult and the current music used helps you to thoroughly enjoy the classes. You body will strengthen and you will gain speed of movement with this funky, energetic style.

Modern classes tone the body, they give extension to the legs and the joints. A strong, rhythmic flow is shown in the dance movements, which consist of travelling steps, kicks, leaps and turns which are all presented with a strong theatrical quality.

Jazz classes are energetic, challenging and fulfilling, giving a sense of fun and wellbeing to all. The up-to-date music and excellent use of travelling steps adds to the overall quality of movement and sense of performance.

You will feel your body strengthening when you attend these classes and you will thoroughly enjoy both the learning and performing of the steps.

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