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Want to take your dancing one step further? Exams might be the place to start, where you can find lots more about dance examinations.

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Hip Hop and Breakdancing
Breakdancing is part of the Hip Hop culture that originated in New York and has since spread all over the world.

Breakdancing is an athletic and acrobatic style of dancing, which can often appear to defy the laws of physics! It combines spinning on the knees, head, hands, elbows and back, bodypopping, creating ‘windmills’ with the legs and using mock fighting moves. Breakdancers usually dance on slick floors such as linoleum or cardboard to reduce friction between their clothes and the floor, allowing for quicker smoother moves.

Breakdancing requires good upper body strength, flexibility and a good sense of balance to be able to perform the more complex moves. Loose sports clothing is usually worn to allow free movement and smooth spinning and often helmets are worn for moves such as head spins. Trainers are necessary to have a good grip of the floor when launching into moves.

Hip Hop dancing also has a huge following and can combine some of the easier breakdancing moves with high energy jazz and street dance. Its growing popularity also stems from pop culture, where stars can be seen performing energetic hip hop choreography in their pop videos.

Unfortunately the ISTD does not offer classes in Hip Hop or breakdancing, but you can visit www.danceweb.co.uk to search for your nearest class. Or look at www.bustamove.com, where you can learn basic, intermediate and difficult hip hop moves online!

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