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Want to take your dancing one step further? Exams might be the place to start, where you can find lots more about dance examinations.

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Classical Greek
Classical Greek dance is exciting, varied and quite different from many other dance styles.

It is based on the natural movements of the body, which means anyone can have a go! There are loads of different styles, from the flowing Lyrical, to the strong and dynamic Athletic and the exciting and energetic Bacchic. Best of all is that whichever style you are working on there are loads of opportunities to use your drama skills and expressive qualities.

There are six grades to work through and all of the usual vocational exams. Each exam has some set work, the rest being free work. This means that a Classical Greek class is made up mostly of free work and you will probably never do the same class twice! Often we dance with props, such as scarves and ribbons, cymbals and tambours, and later on even javelins and bows. There are also Medal Tests, where you have to characterise the set sequences.

We dance in bare feet and usually wear a tunic. There are exercises for every part of the body. Studying Classical Greek dance will strengthen your feet and your centre, and give you a supple back and torso, all of which will help other forms of dance, especially Ballet and Contemporary/Jazz.

There are a number of events that you can take part in. For example, the Ruby Ginner Awards are held every year, which is a competition based around class work. The Classical Greek Festival happens every two years and runs just like a normal dance festival except that all the dancing is Greek! There is also a Choreographic Competition held every two years where you can enter your own choreography. We also run a residential Summer Dance School, where you can study some Classical Greek in addition to drama, National, Tap and Jazz.

Why don't you give Classical Greek a go? You'll have a great time!

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